2018 Reflection

2018 has truly been an amazing year. Academically, I graduated from FSU with a degree in Psychology and Child Development and got into grad school for Occupational Therapy. I became an aunt to the cutest little boy and gained a sister-in-law. I traveled to Israel and had the most eye-opening and awe-inspiring experience, you can check out my Israel reflection here. I also made a cross-country road trip around the US and visited 17 states and 10 national parks. I moved to St. Augustine for grad school and even with my busy schedule of studying, I managed to make some great memories with my roommates and friends from school.

2018 was a year of amazing growth. I learned so much about myself, my faith and my abilities as a student, friend, daughter and human. God has shown me grace and faithfulness, and I finally realized the power of His forgiveness.

I cannot wait for 2019. For more growth. To learn. To continue deepening my faith. To continue making memories with new friends and family. Thank you all for joining me.





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