Treatment Ideas in Outpatient Pediatrics

These interventions are categorized by the main skill I used them for, additional skills addressed will be bulleted underneath each activity.

I often combined some of these activities to work on multiple skills at once – such as completing a desktop fine motor activity while seated on a yoga ball to work on core stability/postural control. Or collaborating with another OT to have our kiddos work on an activity or play a game together to work on social skills on top of the skills that the game or activity addresses.

Bilateral Manual Coordination

  • Knitting Loom
    • Visual perceptual skills, finger isolation/fine motor skills, following directions, task endurance
  • Paracord Bracelet making
    • Fine motor skills, following directions, memory, task endurance
  • Dribbling ball with alternating hands (basketball, playground ball, tennis ball)
  • Cutting/Writing/Drawing tasks
    • Make sure child is using non-dominant hand to stabilize paper
  • Lacing
    • Visual perception skills (finding the next hole to lace), pinching
  • Origami
    • Visual perception skills, finger strength, fine motor skills, pinching
  • Walking up/down stairs with reciprocal steps

Visual Skills

  • Q-Bitz Visual Puzzle Game
    • Pinching, visual discrimination, direction/orientation
  • Puzzles
    • Fine motor skills, impulse control, visual memory, figure ground, form constancy, visual discrimination
  • Blink
    • Executive functioning, fine motor skills, visual processing


  • ADL Boards
  • Playing dress up
  • Practice shoe tying on their own shoes
  • Hygiene in the bathroom – used visual steps on mirror to guide process
    • Washing hands
    • Teeth brushing


  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Practice writing in shaving cream
    • Sensory integration, finger isolation
  • Painting
  • Sidewalk Chalk
    • Crossing midline (drawing rainbows), spelling, sensory integration (powdery chalk)

Fine Motor Skills

  • Yeti in My Spaghetti
    • Pinching, pacing, modulation of strength, turn taking, social skills, impulse control
  • Operation
    • Pinching, smooth motor control, sensory integration (loud buzzer, vibration)
  • Threading beads, large and small
    • Bilateral coordination, attention, visual perception skills
  • Mancala
    • Palm-to-finger translation, counting, following rules, executive functions (planning out moves and strategizing)

Muscle Strengthening

  • Scooter Board in prone
    • Strengthens extensor muscles
  • Scooter Board in seated position and propelling with feet
    • Strengthens hamstrings and quads
  • Disc Swing while picking up bean bags from the floor
    • Strengthens hand grip, core muscles, hip adductors
  • Standing on a rocker board
    • Increases ankle stability
  • Monkey Bars
    • Bilateral coordination, grip strength
  • Pedalo
    • Bilateral coordination
  • Table top activities while seated on yoga ball
    • Works on core stability/balance

Sensory Integration

  • Platform swing
  • Bolster swing
  • Disc swing
  • Slide
  • Trampoline
  • Sensory bins
    • Rice, beans, marbles
  • Jumping on crashpad
  • Deep pressure input via yoga ball
  • Weighted vest
  • Interactive Metronome
    • The clinic I was at had this amazing program that I had the opportunity to learn about!

Social Skills

  • Any board game that requires 2+ players
  • Collaborate on building structures out of toothpicks and gummies (or any type of food) as a competition or game – the highest structure wins
    • Impulse control, bilateral manual coordination, collaboration with another person, trying new foods
  • Kids Yoga
    • Muscle strengthening, core stability, working with a partner, frustration tolerance

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