OT Student Gift Guide 2020

If you’ve been on the search for a gift for your favorite OT student and can’t quite think of something, then check out this list I compiled of great, OT-specific gifts!

*I am not sponsored by any of these brands/companies or receiving any benefits from recommending these products!*

$20 and under

Badge Reel

Custom Wine Glass

Coffee Mug

Coffee Gift Card
Preferably to a local coffee shop! #ShopLocal

Universal Yum Snack Subscription Box

Bean Box Subscription
A monthly or weekly subscription to coffee! What more could a grad student need?


OT Reference Pocket Guide
Know a student about to head out on fieldwork and working with adults?
This is an amazing resource!

Purpose Therapy Box Apparel

WhiteCoat ClipBoard
A great clipboard option that includes lots of OT reference information – a great gift for a student about to head out on fieldwork!

Gift Card for Groceries
This is something I definitely would have appreciated while in grad school, not having to worry about sticking to my tiny grocery budget! Your student could also use this gift card to get themselves a little treat to celebrate anything from passing exams, finishing fieldwork, or celebrating a day off with friends!

Sips by Tea Subscription Box
$45 for 3 months
Each box makes 15+ cups of tea
Exclusive offers
The perfect gift for your favorite tea-lover!

Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box
Seasonal subscription box
$50 each box

OT Objective Subscription Box
Semi-annual subscription box curated by 2 COTAs!
Shipping in April and November
Treatment Tips
Limited Edition Purpose Tee

Embroidered Jacket


Massage Certificate or Spa Day
Another amazing gift that any OT student could use! Just check out local spas near where they live and they should have gift certificates available for purchase!

Book of the Month Subscription
$50 for 3 months

Hello Fresh Subscription Box
About $55 per week
3 recipes per week for 2 people (cheapest option)
Other options and diets available
I’ve had Hello Fresh as well as other meal subscription boxes, and as a student they were definitely a lifesaver! No need for meal planning, just click which meals you want for the week and all the ingredients get shipped to your door. Most meals are also easy to prep and make in about 30 minutes.

Winc Wine Subscription Box
$55 per box every month – 4 bottles/month
Can cancel or skip a month at any time
For students who love to kick back and relax with a glass of wine, this is a great subscription box!


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