Resume Writing for New-Grad OTs

So you’re trying to make your resume as a new grad OT and you don’t know where to start… Not to worry! I’m here to help!

For the purpose of this post I will provide some steps to creating your resume document, give you some ideas on what to include, provide some resume writing resources, and provide my resume as an example for you! So let’s get started.

Step 1

Find a resume template or create it from scratch in Word

There are tons of sample resumes online – just do a quick Google search and you’ll find all sorts of styles! Although, I found that using a Word template was the simplest way because I was also using Word to input the info.

Try to keep all of your information within 2 pages, don’t go over 2!!

Step 2

Set up what categories you want to put your information and experiences in.

Categories include:
– Personal Information
– Objective
– Education
– Fieldwork Level 2
– Fieldwork Level 1
– Professional Experience
– Volunteer Experience
– Special Projects
– Memberships
– Certifications
– Courses
– Transferable Skills

Step 3

Fill in your information with most recent experiences listed first – everything should be in reverse chronological order!

It is important to tailor your resume to the job you are applying to – i.e. if you are applying to a pediatric setting, include all of your pediatric experience and exclude other experiences. BUT I must note, as a new grad you probably don’t have a ton of experience in the first place, so it’s okay to include any other experience to show that you have a diverse background and that you have learned different skills.

Step 4

Ensure everything is grammatically correct and formatted consistently throughout the entire document.
– Use the same font throughout (Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica)
– Keep font sizes consistent but make your name is larger than the body of the resume
– Maintain 1 inch margins on all sides
– If you are using a template that includes design elements, make sure that it isn’t too busy and that it isn’t crowding the important information on the page

Here is my resume (with personal information taken out!)

Resume Resources

Here is a list of resume resources that I felt were helpful – if you are in school or still have access to services, check if your library or career center offers resume services! I submitted mine to be reviewed and that helped a lot!

I hope this was helpful, and good luck on your job hunt!


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