How I Studied for the NBCOT® Exam

Before I go into how I studied and outline my study schedule, I need you all to know that studying is a very personal thing and only you know how you need to study!!! It is definitely helpful to use a pre-made study guide to help you get started, but please consider all your options … Continue reading How I Studied for the NBCOT® Exam


Level IIB Fieldwork: First Week in Acute Care Q&A

Week 1 of acute rehab = done! And honestly, it's a lot easier than I expected it to be! Before coming to the hospital, I was apprehensive about not knowing how to handle medically fragile patients, managing lines and leads, and knowing how to monitor vitals, especially right now during the pandemic. However, after the … Continue reading Level IIB Fieldwork: First Week in Acute Care Q&A

Treatment Ideas in Outpatient Pediatrics

These interventions are categorized by the main skill I used them for, additional skills addressed will be bulleted underneath each activity. I often combined some of these activities to work on multiple skills at once - such as completing a desktop fine motor activity while seated on a yoga ball to work on core stability/postural … Continue reading Treatment Ideas in Outpatient Pediatrics