Accessible Outdoors

Accessible Outdoors is a blog series focused on reviewing state and national parks’ accessibility. After moving to Georgia and starting my search for wheelchair accessible trails, I quickly found that: 1. this information was incredibly hard to find and 2. the information that I could find was often inaccurate.

On my free weekends I started my adventures to these “wheelchair accessible” parks and started reviewing them, looking at the park facilities, parking, and trails, as a way to make this information accessible to those who may need it.

Through this endeavor, I have also started advocating for this information to be more accessible on park websites by emailing those responsible for ADA accommodations at Georgia state parks.

Use the drop-down menu above to access the individual park reviews! I hope that through this series I can provide more specific information on these accessible parks to those who need it.

Now go enjoy the great outdoors!