11 Gift Ideas for Your Fieldwork Educator

Photo by Content Pixie from Pexels

1. A Coffee Mug or Travel Mug

This is a pretty common one, and you’ll definitely need to know whether your CI drinks coffee or tea before you buy a mug. Try getting them an OT related mug or something more personalized!

2. OTReference Pocket Guide

I used this baby every day during my acute care rotation and my CI thought it was such a great tool to have! I didn’t end up getting her one, but it is definitely something to consider.
You can find this baby on Amazon, Etsy, and ScrubPocket.com.

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

3. A Plant

Definitely make sure your CI is a plant person before you buy them a plant, but this is a great option if they are! Plants always help spruce up an office space, and help purify the air as well!

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

4. Food

Honestly, you can never go wrong with food, especially sweets. I brought in homemade cookies, and I was going to bring in the local blueberry donuts that everyone loves (but my CI was 1 step ahead of me and picked up 2 dozen for everyone in the office).

I also made a little gift basket and included my CI’s favorite candy and soda.

5. A Badge Reel

I got my CI and a few of the other OTs who supervised me the red hart with “OT” embroidered on it, it was a big hit!
Etsy: Occupational Therapy Badge Reels

Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

6. Stationary

One thing you can never have enough of, is pens. So I included some of my CI’s favorite pens in the gift basket that I made for her. You can always include things like notebooks, notepads, post-its, or any type of stationary that you notice your CI uses a lot and may need more of.

7. OT Related gift for their child/ren, if they have any

If they talk about their children often or you get a feel for what their children like, this could be a thoughtful option! Some simple toys or age-appropriate books would be fun.

8. OT Apparel

There are a ton of really cute options on etsy, even some customizable ones! I thought about getting my CI a scrub jacket with her name and credentials embroidered on it but she already had a few long sleeve options she wore to work.
Etsy: Occupational Therapy Shirts

9. A Handwritten Card

A thoughtful card goes a long way, make it personal and express your gratitude for all of the time they spent helping you learn!

Photo by Enzo Muñoz from Pexels

10. A Book

If any of the conversations you have with your CI include talking about books or research, then this could be a good option! I gave my first CI the book “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Van der Kolk because we had talked about the impacts of trauma on the kiddos we saw in the clinic and she hadn’t read that book.

11. A Gift Card to their favorite/local restaurant

Usually I don’t like giving gift cards, I just don’t find them very thoughtful. But sometimes they can be a good thing! I almost bought my CI a gift card to a nice local restaurant so that she and her husband could have a date night. (I ended up choosing different gifts, but if your CI loves food or eating out then this could be a good gift!)


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