Free Continuing Education

As a new grad it can be hard to continue to grow your knowledge and experience without spending hundreds of dollars on continuing education. I’m all about constantly learning and growing as a practitioner and love taking new classes, but it can be hard since I don’t have a job yet, and therefore no funds to take all of these super interesting continuing ed courses!

So I thought I would put together a comprehensive list of free courses that either I have taken myself, or have been suggested to me! If you know of a free course and don’t see it on this list – send it my way or leave it in the comments!

Disclaimer: Not all of these courses offer certificates or continuing ed units. Please verify with your state licensing board if they accept these courses for your licensing renewal requirements. Unless of course you just want to take the courses to learn!


Lactation OT: OT’s Role in Breastfeeding (1 contact hour; 0.1 CEU)

North Carolina Infant-Toddler Program: Comprehensive List of Continuing Professional Development Opportunities (may not be updated, may need to verify course availability)

Paediatric Feeding and Swallowing Education (Australian-based)

Paediatric Occupational Therapy: Infants (Australian-based)

Paediatric Occupational Therapy: Burns (Australian-based)

Phys Dys

Saebo Courses
Get Certified to Fit the SaeboFlex and SaeboReach (8 hours)
Fostering Patient Compliance While at Home (1 hour)
SaeboGlove: Grasping Functional Recovery (0.5 hour)
SaeboStretch: A Dynamic Resting Hand Splint for Neurophysiological Changes (0.5 hour)
SaeboFlex and SaeboReach: Improving Upper Extremity Motor Recovery (0.5 hour)
SaeboMAS and SaeboMAS Mini: Unweight Your Arm and Explore Life (0.75 hour)
SaeboStim Micro: Boost Hand and Arm Recovery (0.5 hour)
SaeboStim One and SaeboStim Pro: Overcome Weakness and Improve Function (0.75 hour)
Introduction to Electrotherapy: Learn the Basics of Electrical Stimulation (1.5 hours)

Mental Health

Wild Iris Medical Education, Inc.: COVID-19: The Impact of a Pandemic on Mental Health (1.5 contact hours)


AOTA Free Webinars*Free Webinar program ends March 31, 2021*
Relationships, Resilience, Relevance: Returning to the Basics of Our Profession
Therapeutic Use of Virtual Reality in OT
The Opioid Crisis and the Role of OT
Learning to Interact with Challenging Patients and Their Families
Choosing Wisely® Success Stories: Learn How to Lead the Way in Providing the Highest Quality Care
Big Business Partnerships and OT: Leveraging Your Expertise
The Secret to Creating Efficiency in Your Private Practice and Unlocking Your Freedom From All Your Success
Combating Burnout by Building Strong Relationships: An OTA Perspective
The Role of Occupational Therapy in Supporting Literacy Across the Lifespan
Becoming OT Agents of Change: Personal Reflections, Tips for Leadership Growth, and Opportunities to Get Involved
Local IS Global: Occupational Therapy in U.S. Refugee Communities and Abroad
Demystifying Digital Design and Fabrication (3D Printing) and Applications in OT

OT Potential: OT, eHealth, and Participatory Medicine (1 CEU)

Institute for Sex, Intimacy and Occupational Therapy: This is How We Do It: Sexuality & Occupational Therapy (1 hour; .01 CEU)

Brain Story Certification


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