40+ OT Blogs, Websites, and Groups to Follow

Are you on the search for great OT resources from fellow OTs? Well look no further! I have compiled a list of OT blogs ranging from general OT, to specific practice areas, and made sure that they were either currently active, or had valuable content on them. So go ahead, scroll through and check out these blogs for yourself, bookmark them, and try out some of their awesome ideas!

General OT Blogs

My OT Spot
My OT Spot is a great blog created by Sarah Stromsdorfer, OTR/L that divides the process of becoming an OT into four parts: discovering OT, going to school, transition to practice, and practicing. Sarah blogs about each of these topics and even has a shop with amazing OT-created resources.

OT4Lyfe, by Sarah Putt, OTR/L, has been a go-to OT resource of mine, and I love listening to her podcasts! On her website, you can find her weekly blog called ‘Best of OT’ or ‘The BOOT,” where she highlights awesome OT content (I was featured once!! It was an honor.) The great thing is that she highlights all kind of OT content, not just a specific population or setting, so you will be sure to learn so much from her.

OT Potential
OT Potential, by Sarah Lyon, OTR/L (ok there are a lot of Sarahs), is a great blog AND club that provides quality OT content. She also collaborates with other OTs and professionals on some of her blog posts, she interviews practicing OTs in niche settings, and provides awesome tips and tricks to being a great, evidence-based OT practitioner.

Shannen Marie OT
Shannen’s blog is all about reflections, reviews of products, and even a series on OTs in various settings. Shannen is also currently working on a passion project: Living Over Labels™. Through this project, she aims to write a children’s book series to help kiddos and their family’s cope with and support their adult loved one’s after diagnosis. To learn more about Living Over Labels™, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook!

Holistic OT
We all know that OT is supposed to be a holistic practice, in this blog, Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L, BCTMB, ARCB provides resources, research, classes, videos, and interviews all about holistic practice, integrative health, wellness and prevention.

The Occupational Therapy Hub
The OT Hub is a global community and information platform with free resources as well as a member based platform where you can find a global community, webinars, videos, downloads and research.

Becoming OT
Taylor Kozell, OTD, OTR/L is a sweet soul who is also a new grad OT! On her blog you can find her sp(OT)light interviews where she talks to students and practitioners about their experience in various settings as well as how they utilize specialty certifications in their practice. She also writes about mental health, transitions, and preparing for clinicals. You can also find services she provides, like resume and personal essay editing.

Spill the OT
Robyn gets honest and real in her OT podcast interviews, and in her “Tea Time” posts on her blog. After feeling burnout not long after starting her clinical career, she sought to highlight the highs and lows of the therapy world, and through the endeavor, has created a community of support for therapists!

Michelle D. OT
Michelle is an awesome OT all about advocating for diversity and inclusion in the healthcare space. Through her blog, Michelle shares awesome resources (and in Spanish!), and interviews OTs from diverse backgrounds to highlight the importance of diversity within healthcare and in occupational therapy.

Medbridge Education
Isn’t Medbridge a CEU site? Yes, yes it is. BUT they also have a blog and it is such a great resource if you aren’t quite ready to sign up for their continuing education site.

OT Unfiltered
OT Unfiltered is a relatively new blog/website created by four OTs with the intent to guide and serve soon-to-be OTs and new grads. In their blog, they discuss topics aimed at new grads and working in various settings. They also developed an amazing e-book that encompasses everything an OT student could ever need, from fieldwork preparation, to boards studying, to applying to your first job. Definitely worth the purchase!!

Marvelous Mirracles
Amirra is a new-ish grad who practices in early intervention. Her blog is a great resource for pre-OTs, OT students and new grads who are navigating their way on this journey to becoming a great practitioner!

COTAD, or Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity, is all about promoting diversity and inclusion in OT and to improve OTs ability to serve diverse populations. Their blog is a great place to check out writings from OTs from across the board discussing great topics within practice and society.

OT Collaborative
The OT Collaborative was created by Sarah Taggart, OTR/L and Casey Martin, OTR/L, with the hopes of providing resources and great content to OTs, OT students, and parents. Check out their perspectives as once traveling OTs, and now home health and pediatric OTs!

OT Dude
You can find just about anything on OTDude.com. From specific OT practice areas, to product reviews, to NBCOT Exam prep, to reference guides. This site is a great place to learn!

Pediatric Blogs

The Pocket OT
This pediatric blog by Cara Koscinski, OTD, MOT, OTR/L is a great resource for pediatric OTs! She provides free downloads as well as resources that you can purchase, and her posts cover all sorts of pediatric topics. She also started teaching at my MOT program during my very last semester in pediatrics so I got to meet her during our boot camp before heading out to fieldwork – she is SO knowledgable!

The OT Toolbox
Colleen Beck, OTR/L created this blog/website and it is SO jam-packed with amazing information and resources for OTs, parents and teachers. All of the resources are divided by skill type: executive function, fine motor skills, handwriting, functioning skills, vision and sensory. There are so many great treatment ideas here as well!

Eye Can Learn
Eye Can Learn is not so much a blog, but it is an amazing resource for all things vision and oculomotor skills! Seriously, check it out, play some of the games, and make sure to use it in practice!

Your Therapy Source
I used Your Therapy Source ALL THE TIME during my pediatric rotation. Simply pick a skill you want to address with your child, and this site has a plethora of printouts and worksheets that you can use. While many of them need to be bought, they also have a ton of free downloads as well.

CanDo Kiddo
SUCH a great site for new parents and therapists working with babies! Rachel Coley is a great resource to have in your back pocket if you are interested, or currently working in early intervention. This website is a great spot to refer parents to.

Pink Oatmeal
Probably one of the most well known pediatrics blogs, Pink Oatmeal by Chanda Jothen, DPT, has truly curated an amazing website so full of resources, ideas, crafts, freebies and even a membership program.

OT With Emily
Emily is a pediatric OT from Australia and currently practicing in China and has numerous certifications all within the scope of pediatric therapy. Her blog provides extensive insight into pediatric development and OTs role in so many aspects of pediatric therapy. She is a great resource!

The Sensory Project
Truly, The Sensory Project podcast is my most listened to podcast ever. Rachel and Jessica (the two women who created the podcast) are both COTAs and provide amazing resources and info on all things pediatrics with a focus on the sensory system! Seriously, this a must see!

The Inspired Treehouse
Created by Claire Heffron, OTR/L, and Lauren Drobnjak, PT, the Inspired Treehouse provides resources, tricks of the trade, activities, and so many posts to help you be a great pediatric practitioner or parent.

OT Schoolhouse
Created by Jayson Davies, OTR/L, the OT Schoolhouse is the perfect resource for OTs in school settings. Through his podcast, blog posts, and even his online course, Jayson can help you become a great school-based OT practitioner.

Mama OT
Christie, an occupational therapist and mother, created this blog to serve OTs, OT students and parents, and she does a great job at it! This blog is full of intervention ideas, resources for specific skills, and is all around a great blog for anyone interested or working in pediatrics.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips
Dr. Zachry is an experienced therapist who has been published in numerous publications, magazines, and websites for therapists and parents. Her experience and dedication is evident by her website/blog and the amazing content that she shares there!

Therapy Fun Zone
So many great therapy activities and ideas to choose from through Therapy Fun Zone. If you are stumped on what to do with a kiddo, this is a great place to check out. They even have ideas for physical therapy as well!

The Anonymous OT
This blog provides a great place for individuals to interact and learn straightforward information on all things pediatric occupational therapy. They not only provide content written by themselves, but great pieces written by other practicing OTs.

Woo Therapy
Yet another great resource for all things peds OT. Meghan provides great content, treatment ideas, printables, and even invented a special tape to help with handwriting! Definitely worth a look!

Adult/Geriatrics Blogs

Seniors Flourish
If you work with older adults and haven’t heard of Seniors Flourish, then you are really missing out!! Mandy Chamberlain, OTR/L is the founder of Seniors Flourish and has curated such an amazing resource for OTs working with the older adult population. On her blog you can find all kinds of treatment ideas, tips on goal writing and evaluations. She also created the Learning Lab, a membership-based platform with tons of great content for members!

Stay at Home Solutions
Chalk full of practical and step-by-step solutions, Stay at Home Solutions has created a website that any OT would get excited to use! This is a one stop shop for helping older adults age in place, with tons of links to adaptive equipment and home modification ideas. Seriously, this is a great place to look if you are on the hunt for practical ideas and solutions.

Happy at Home Consulting
Created by Sydney Moore, OTD, OTR/L, CEAS I, CHES, Happy at Home Consulting is not only a consulting service to assist individuals in independent and safe living at home, but a great blog with ideas for those working with/those who love an older adult who wants to age in place.

OT Toolkit
If I ever end up working with adults/older adults, I will absolutely be sure to buy Cheryl’s OT Toolkit!! Seriously, I’ve downloaded some of the free pages just to check it out, and I almost bought the book just to have. Besides her amazing and easy to use toolkit, Cheryl also has a blog on her website where she shares about OT in geriatrics, as well as great info for OT students and new grads.

The OT Advocate
Erin Jeffords in an OT all about the adult and geriatric population, her specialty is in falls and fall prevention- she is currently working on her post-professional OT doctorate with a focus in this area! While her blog is still new, she is not, so you can expect to see more insightful and knowledge-filled posts from her!

Specialized Practice Areas

The Lymph Therapist
If you’ve been keeping up-to-date on my blog, then you know Emilia Dewi, OTD, CLT! Emilia is extremely knowledgeable on all things lymphatics (like SO knowledgeable!). Her blog is still relatively new so you won’t be scrolling through pages and pages of posts, BUT the posts she has up already are definitely worth a look so you can expect to learn more from her, and you can find even more info on her Instagram as well!

American Society of Hand Therapy Blog
If you are interested in hand therapy, then I’m sure you already know about ASHT (the American Society of Hand Therapy), but did you know they have a blog? There is such an amazing breadth of knowledge in this blog and every post is written by someone new.

The Rainbow OT
If you don’t already follow Devlynn, where have you been hiding? Devlynn has curated an amazing blog and Instagram all about highlighting, promoting, and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. You can find all kinds of resources, interviews, and even an inclusive intake form on their blog.

Arthritis Life
Cheryl is an absolute wealth of knowledge on arthritis and her level of experience can be seen in her blog/website/Instagram. If you work with people experiencing arthritis, Cheryl’s page is the place to be. She also provides tons of resources and even courses on all things related to arthritis.

OT Student Blogs

Allison the OT Student
I met Allison at the 2019 AOTA conference in New Orleans, LA and she is so so sweet! She has such a great blog where she has documented her experiences in OT school and fieldwork. Are you an OT student/do you know an OT student? Well this is definitely a great place to be and learn.

Gotta Be OT
Lauren is an OT student and wow – if you know any prospective OT student, send them HERE!!! Laurent provides so much information for anyone interested in OT or in the process of applying to OT school. She has even blogged about these topics in relation to the pandemic (i.e. How To Get Observation Hours During the COVID-19 Pandemic).

Patches of OT
Allie Watkins is a doctor of OT student sharing all about OT school, fieldwork and even how to make money while in school. She is a sweet soul, intelligent and not afraid to be vulnerable. She even started a podcast this year, and is present on Instagram – she is a valuable resource for OT students and OTs alike!

Facebook Groups

Created by Alexis Joelle, this Facebook group is such a great place for anyone interested in, or currently practicing in acute care. There are a plethora of resources, and a wealth of information from those with personal experience in this setting. This is also a place to have all of your acute care questions answered.

AOTA’s NBCOT Exam Prep Info Center
Any and all OT students NEED to be a part of this Facebook group. You can find everything from study guides, to tips and tricks from OTs who have recently passed the exam.

Pediatric Occupational Therapists
This is probably the biggest peds OT Facebook group with over 40k followers. This is such a great place to be if you are trying to figure out how to approach a complicated case, or get treatment ideas. There are also tons of free resources in the files section, ranging from infographics to treatment ideas to e-books.

Occupational Therapy New Grads and Students
Just another Facebook group that everyone should be a part of! This is amazing place to ask any kind of question and receive tons of feedback from other students, new grads and experienced OTs in any and all practice settings!

OT Outside the Box
If you want to get creative with therapy, this is a great place to look. Alvin is funny and creative, and you will be sure to leave with a ton of great ideas for your next therapy session and even telehealth sessions!

The Lactation OT Community
If you are at all interested in working with new moms and infants, this is the place to be. Melissa is so knowledgeable and though I am not apart of this Facebook group, just from looking on her website and listening to some of her interviews, I know this is a great place to be!

New OT Practitioner Support Group
I’m sure you know who OT Miri is, well she is one of the founders of this Facebook group- a place for all new OTs to seek advice and support!

A great Facebook group for anyone interested in or currently practicing in hand therapy!

Having a hard to dedicating time to research? Well check out this Facebook group! This is a great way to stay up-to-date and stay connected to current practices.

Another great “4OT” group to join all about neuro populations and neuro rehab. This is the spot to ask all your neuro-related questions and get answers from experienced therapists!


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