Students in the Field Series

Hey everyone! Guess what?! I’ve got a brand new blog series coming at you! (Don’t worry, my other series are ongoing!) I am so excited to bring this series to you, I got an amazing lineup of students and new grads ready to share their experiences on fieldwork (there are some very niche settings that sound incredibly interesting!)

I created this series because I know how intimidating it can be to enter into the field as a student. How do you prepare? What should you expect? What assessments should you become familiar with?

Well, thanks to my amazing interviewees, they are answering all of your burning questions about common fieldwork settings, AND very niche settings.

I hope to fill the information gap and give students a better look into what fieldwork may be like, and how they can best prepare.


Inpatient Rehab with Emily

Schools with Allison

Convent Care Center with Julia

Outpatient Neuro Rehab with Emily

Skilled Nursing Facility with Amanda

Inpatient Psych with Karenna

Outpatient Pediatrics with Anastasia

Hippotherapy with Allie

Hand Therapy with LaQuestis

Outpatient Pediatric Mental Health with Haley