Pocket Guide FAQ

How long does it take to restock?

It generally takes about 4 business days to restock the guides, and 5 business days to restock on shipping materials. I will always keep everyone up-to-date on specific restock days over on my Instagram.

How much does it cost?

The original guide is $24.99 + tax & shipping

The expansion packs range from $2-$15

What inspired you to create the guide?

The OTReference Pocket Guide inspired me to create the Pediatric Pocket Guide for OTs, it was such a valuable resource for me during my acute care rotation, and I just knew that I needed to create one for pediatrics as this is my area of interest!

Will this be helpful for a level 2 fieldwork in outpatient pediatrics?

Absolutely! I wish I had this guide while I was on my level 2 rotation in outpatient peds. It is a well-rounded guide that it great for the basics in pediatrics, though I always encourage you to follow your clinical instructor’s direction and to verify information with external resources.

Do you think it will help with USAHS’s peds course?

While this guide includes the basics, it does not cover everything that you will learn in any pediatrics course. It may be nice to have to quickly reference or study from without having to carry around your textbooks.

What was the process to creating the pocket guide?

I started out by by creating an outline of what content I wanted to be in the guide – reflexes, milestones, some ASL signs. I then started formatting and creating the designs in Word. Once I had a decent outline of the guide in Word with the designs that I wanted, I went to a local printer to see what my options were. I sat down with a representative and showed him my example (the OTReference pocket guide) and showed him my outline. We discussed pricing, formatting requirements for printing, and the possibility of creating expansions, he also did a test print with my unfinished guide so that I could see what the colors and fonts would look like.

After a week, I went back with my finished guide and the 6 expansions, I had 55 printed of each because I wasn’t sure how many people would order. (The guides sold out the day I launched!) I also had to pick out shipping materials, thank you notes, and which website I would use to sell my guides. After lots of research on recyclable/compostable shipping materials, I settled on EcoEnclose because the ordering process was very simple and they have great products. I chose Etsy to sell through because the site is very easy to use for beginners, the fees are very inexpensive compared to competitors (i.e. Amazon), it keeps everything organized for me, and I get a discount on USPS shipping labels.

Overall, the process wasn’t very difficult, it just took a lot of patience and willingness to get out of my comfort zone, and of course to push past those feelings of imposter syndrome!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment here, message me on Instagram, or send me an email at otcaroline.llc@gmail.com


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