Therapist-Approved Holiday Gifts for Kids

Now that the holidays are coming up, I've had a lot of parents reach out and ask what gifts they should be considering for their children - so my boss (an amazing speech therapist) and I compiled a list of toys that work on various aspects of physical development and cognition/language development! It can definitely … Continue reading Therapist-Approved Holiday Gifts for Kids


11 Gift Ideas for Your Fieldwork Educator

Photo by Content Pixie from Pexels 1. A Coffee Mug or Travel Mug This is a pretty common one, and you'll definitely need to know whether your CI drinks coffee or tea before you buy a mug. Try getting them an OT related mug or something more personalized! 2. OTReference Pocket Guide I used this baby every day … Continue reading 11 Gift Ideas for Your Fieldwork Educator